Golden Dawn Arkestra

Golden Dawn Arkestra: Children Of The Sun

$32.78 $39.98

Artist: Golden Dawn Arkestra
Title: Children Of The Sun
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Occupying a musical space somewhere between the relentless Afrobeat pulse of Fela Kuti and the interstellar sensibilities of Sun Ra, The Golden Dawn Arkestra come to RNT Reserve with a magical EP of summertime bliss. Known for their spectacularly raucous live shows in their hometown Austin, Tx and around the globe, this release captures two of their groovier songs from their last album, never before released on vinyl. With the originals on either side of the 7', the 12' contains a sun-soaked remix from Austin Ato, a pulsing tropical mix by JKriv, and a disco chugger from Dicky Trisco. 12 inch 180G vinyl with a Bonus 7 inch 180G vinyl in Printed Sleeve shrink wrapped.

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