Gorephilia: In The Eye Of Nothing

Gorephilia: In The Eye Of Nothing
Title: In The Eye Of Nothing
Label: Dark Descent

Although initially going under the moniker Goretexx, since the latter part of 2007, Finland's Gorephilia have been crafting a classically minded canon of death metal might. Two demos under this more-fitting moniker followed in 2008 and 2011, but it was 2011's Ascend To Chaos mini-album where the Gorephilia legend truly took flight. Surely, their country of origin signaled some of their aesthetic-names such as Demigod, Convulse, and Adramalech rang true-but even this early on, subtle twists of their own identity crept in. Those would fully blossom the next year with their debut album, Embodiment Of Death. Aptly titled, this first full-length ranged beyond Finland to the rich history of '90s death metal on both side of the Atlantic, again with an even more pronounced identity: swampy yet clear-headed, exceptionally tight but never sterile, and above all, mind-mangling songwriting that somehow sticks in the head. It would take another five years before the band would deliver their next album. When it at last arrived, in early 2017, it was very much worth the wait. Graced with electrifying cover art, Severed Monolith matched it musically, showing even-more-twisted prowess in the songwriting department, here largely handled by founding guitarist Jukka Aho. This second album also saw the arrival of prolific drummer Kauko Kuusisalo and second guitarist Pauli Gurko-truly a well-oiled machine at this point. While no doubt still reeling from the tragic loss of founding vocalist Henu, the band soldiered on, undaunted, and now return with their long-awaited third album, In The Eye of Nothing. With Jukka now also handling vocals, the four-piece exhibit a newfound sense of slithering finesse, that swampiness of old expounded upon with startling effect. Right from the very beginning, with ominous opener "Walls Of Weeping Eyes," the band exhibit a throttling energy no matter the tempo; each moment, every mesmerizing martial riff, is parceled out with precision, in place exactly where it needs to be and thoroughly maximized to it's fullest effect. Which is all to say that the songwriting across this album has hit a fever pitch of perfection, channeling the diabolical fervor of early Morbid Angel with the strident command they'd exhibit as the '90s progressed, but obviously with the cosmic horror this band has characteristically exhibited all these years. Peer deeply into haunting cover art courtesy of Raúl González... inescapable immersion awaits In The Eye Of Nothing.

1.1 Walls Of Weeping Eyes
1.2 Perpetual Procession
1.3 Ouroboran Labyrinth
1.4 Devotion Upon The Worm
1.5 Consensus
1.6 Simplicity Of Decay
1.7 Not For The Weak
1.8 Death Dream
1.9 Ark Of The Undecipherable

Gorephilia: In The Eye Of Nothing

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