Gouvy / Quatuor Cambini-Paris / Mercier

Gouvy / Quatuor Cambini-Paris / Mercier: Cantate Oeuvres Symphoniques Et Musique de Chambre

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Title: Cantate Oeuvres Symphoniques Et Musique de Chambre
Label: Ediciones Singulares

Theodore Gouvy's music, Mendelssohn-inspired, is enobled with an air of French academicism. The 'Portraits' series is devoted to largely forgotten French composers. This CD-book presents a significant selection of his works - for the most part never heard before. The book contains biographical information, excerpts from letters and articles discussing the composer's style and personality.

1.1 Adagio - Allegro
1.2 Scherzo: Allegro
1.3 Tema Con Variazioni: Andante
1.4 Finale: Allegro
1.5 Fantaisie Pastorale
1.6 La Religieuse
1.7 Allegro Con Brio
1.8 Allegro Con Brio
1.9 Allegretto Moderato
1.10 Allegretto Moderato
1.11 Larghetto
1.12 Prestissimo
2.1 Ouvertüre Für Orchester, 'Le Giaour'
2.2 Ouvertüre Für Orchestre No. 1, Op. 13, 'Jeanne D'Arc'
2.3 Ouvertüre Für Orchestre No. 2, Op. 14, 'Le Festival'
2.4 Allegro
2.5 Romane: Andante Con Moto
2.6 Tempo Di Minuetto: Allegro Moderato
2.7 Finale: Allegro Con Brio
3.1 Allegro Con Brio
3.2 Larghetto
3.3 Minuetto: Moderato
3.4 Finale: Allegro Vivo
3.5 Allegro Con Brio
3.6 Allegretto Moderato
3.7 Andante Con Moto
3.8 Allegretto Agitato

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