Gov't Mule: Georgia Bootleg Box

Title: Georgia Bootleg Box
Label: Evil Teen Records

THE GEORGIA BOOTLEG BOX is a six disc set capturing Govt Mules entire three night run from Georgia in 1966 and features the bands original trio: Warren Haynes, Matt Abts and Allen Woody. The box includes the full sets from the Georgia Theater in Athens on 4/11, the Roxy in Atlanta on 4/12 and Elizabeth Reed Music Hall in Macon on 4/13.

1.1 Blind Man in the Dark
1.2 Mother Earth
1.3 John the Revelator
1.4 Temporary Saint
1.5 Game Face
1.6 No Need to Suffer
1.7 Trane
1.8 Eternity's Breath Jam
1.9 Thelonius Beck
1.10 Trane
1.11 St. Stephen Jam
1.12 Trane
1.13 Don't Step on the Grass, Sam
2.1 Presence of the Lord
2.2 Birth of the Mule
2.3 Left Coast Groovies
2.4 Drums
2.5 Mule
2.6 Who Do You Love?
2.7 Mule
2.8 Goin' Out West [Encore]
2.9 Spanish Moon [Encore]
2.10 Gonna Send You Back to Georgia [Encore]
3.1 Blind Man in the Dark
3.2 Mother Earth
3.3 Mule
3.4 Temporary Saint
3.5 Game Face
3.6 No Need to Suffer
3.7 Trane
3.8 Eternity's Breath Jam
3.9 Thelonius Beck
3.10 Trane
3.11 St. Stephen Jam
3.12 Trane
3.13 Painted Silver Light
4.1 Don't Step on the Grass, Sam
4.2 Birth of the Mule
4.3 Just Got Paid
4.4 Goin' Out West [Encore]
4.5 The Same Thing [Encore]
4.6 Gonna Send You Back to Georgia [Encore]
4.7 Young Man Blues [Encore]
4.8 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [Encore]
4.9 Young Man Blues [Encore]
5.1 Blind Man in the Dark
5.2 Mother Earth
5.3 John the Revelator
5.4 Temporary Saint
5.5 Rocking Horse
5.6 Game Face
5.7 No Need to Suffer
5.8 Trane
5.9 Eternity's Breath Jam
5.10 Thelonius Beck
5.11 Trane
5.12 St. Stephen Jam
6.1 Presence of the Lord
6.2 Birth of the Mule
6.3 Monkey Hill
6.4 (I Want You) She's So Heavy Jam
6.5 Mule
6.6 Goin' Out West [Encore]
6.7 She's Nineteen Years Old [Encore]
6.8 Gonna Send You Back to Georgia [Encore]

Gov't Mule: Georgia Bootleg Box

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