Grabbitz: Time Isn't Real

Grabbitz: Time Isn&
Title: Time Isn't Real
Label: Hopeless Records

Time Isn't Real isn't just another album, it's an experience that's been the life's work of genre-bending composer, producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Grabbitz. It's the most accurate culmination of his musical influences - a collage using all the musical materials that he's made of - a metaphysical museum where anyone and everyone is welcome, from any point in history or the future, to show that music & art can transcend a construct such as time. From the mind of EDM producer/DJ to Alternative artist, Time Isn't Real features Top 30 Alternative charting hit "Pigs In The Sky" and EDM/Alt crossover "Pain Killer."

1.1 What Now?
1.2 Pigs in the Sky
1.3 The Ugly
1.4 Rip
1.5 Teleport
1.6 Comedown
1.7 Pain Killer
1.8 87 Seconds
1.9 Bad Lovers Suite
1.10 A Wolf Dressed Up As a Sheep
1.11 Dying to Know You
1.12 Another Form of "Goodbye"

Grabbitz: Time Isn't Real

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