Graham Central Station

Graham Central Station: Release Yourself

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Product Type: CD

Title: Release Yourself
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. Truth be told Graham Central Station have recorded some incredibly funky albums during their heyday. There is something about this one that separates it from other GCS albums. This one has a real 'Southern Fried Soul' thang going for it. The opener, "G.S.C." with Larry on all instruments, is just orgasmic wholesome funk that would bring a tear to Stevie Wonder's ear. "Release Yourself" is just stompin' hard funk, tight as a Louisiana virgin! "I Believe In You" is slapping the bass down and dirty. This is Graham Central Station at it's finest: sheer energy and exuberance set to a wild, funky rhythm laced with spacey keyboard lines and all propelled by Larry's indomitable handling of the bass.

1.1 G.C.S
1.2 Release Yourself
1.3 Got to Go Through It to Get It
1.4 I Believe in You
1.5 'Tis Your Kind of Music
1.6 Hey Mr. Writer
1.7 Feel the Need
1.8 Today

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