Graham / Nash

Graham / Nash: Over The Years... The Demos

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Artist: Graham / Nash

Artist: Graham / Nash
Title: Over The Years... The Demos
Product Type: VINYL LP

Description: Graham Nash's demos, which appeared on the second disc of the Over the Years release, will now be available on vinyl. Featured demos include Teach Your Children, Chicago, and Marrakesh Express.

1.1 Marrakesh Express (Demo)
1.2 Horses Through A Rainstorm (Demo)
1.3 Teach Your Children (Demo)
1.4 Pre-Road Downs (Demo)
1.5 Our House (Demo)
1.6 Right Between The Eyes (Demo) [Remastered]
1.7 Sleep Song (Demo) [Remastered]
2.1 Chicago (Demo) [Remastered]
2.2 Man In The Mirror (Demo)
2.3 Simple Man (Demo)
2.4 I Miss You (Demo)
2.5 You'll Never Be The Same (Demo)
2.6 Wind On The Water (Demo)
2.7 Just A Song Before I Go (Demo)
2.8 Wasted On The Way (Demo)

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