Graham Parker

Graham Parker: The Vertigo Singles Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Graham Parker

Title: The Vertigo Singles Collection
Label: Lemon Records UK

Digitally re-mastered for superior sound, this 21 track collection is the first-ever round a and B-side issued by Graham Parker & the Rumour or Mercury Records.

1.1 Silly Thing
1.2 I'm Gonna Use It Now
1.3 Soul Shoes
1.4 White Honey
1.5 Hotel Chambermaid
1.6 Don't Ask Me Questions [Live]
1.7 Pourin' It All Out
1.8 Help Me Shake It
1.9 Hold Back the Night
1.10 (Let Me Get) Sweet on You
1.11 White Honey [Live]
1.12 Soul Shoes [Live]
1.13 New York Shuffle
1.14 Bleep
1.15 Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions [Remix]
1.16 Watch the Moon Come Down [Live]
1.17 Protection
1.18 I Want You Back (Alive)
1.19 Discovering Japan
1.20 Local Girls
1.21 Mercury Poisoning

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