Grapefruit: Deep Water

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Grapefruit

Artist: Grapefruit
Title: Deep Water

After the Fab Four-ish melodic pop and creative orchestrations of their debut album Around Grapefruit, Grapefruit made a seismic switch on this 1969 sophomore LP, moving into new territories of soul, rock and country. This reissue expands the original with six bonus tracks including single mixes of Deep Water; Thunder and Lightning, and more plus detailed notes and rare pix!

1.1 Deep Water
1.2 Can't Find Me
1.3 Thunder and Lightning
1.4 Lady Godiva
1.5 Right Direction
1.6 La and Back Again
1.7 Come Down to the Station
1.8 Dizzy Day
1.9 Blues in Your Head
1.10 Time to Leave
1.11 Deep Water
1.12 Come Down to the Station
1.13 Thunder and Lightning
1.14 Blues in Your Head
1.15 Sha Sha
1.16 Universal Party
1.17 Universal Party

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