Grave Digger

Grave Digger: The Grave Digger (Green Blue Marbled Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Grave Digger

Title: The Grave Digger (Green Blue Marbled Vinyl)
Label: Metalville
Product Type: VINYL LP

"The Grave Digger", originally released in 2001, was the band's 10th studio album by mastermind Chris Boltendahl. With songs based on stories by Edgar Allen Poe, it is considered the darkest work in the band's discography. "The Grave Digger" was also the first album with ex Rage guitarist Manni Schmidt."A thoroughly good heavy metal album with great production and a really brilliant guitar sound. (Musikreviews)"Here comes the new edition of the sought-after classic in green blue marbled vinyl. The reissue also includes exclusive liner notes for the first time, written by Chris Boltendahl.

1.1 Son of Evil
1.2 The Grave Digger
1.3 Raven
1.4 Scythe of Time
1.5 Spirits of the Dead
1.6 King Pest
1.7 The House
1.8 Sacred Fire
1.9 Funeral Procession
1.10 Haunted Palace
1.11 Silence

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