Green Day

Green Day: Shenanigans

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Green Day

Title: Shenanigans
Label: Reprise / WEA
Product Type: VINYL LP

Shenanigans is the companion piece to 2001's International Superhits. Where that compilation collected Green Day's singles, this rounds up the B-sides and such ephemera as soundtrack compilations, gathering the best (plus the new "Ha Ha You're Dead" for a 14-track trek through the band's alternate history.

1.1 Suffocate
1.2 Desensitized
1.3 You Lied
1.4 Outsider
1.5 Don't Wanna Fall in Love
1.6 Espionage
1.7 I Want to Be on TV
1.8 Scumbag
1.9 Tired of Waiting for You
1.10 Sick of Me
1.11 Rotting
1.12 Do Da Da
1.13 On the Wagon
1.14 Ha Ha You're Dead

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