Green Jelly

Green Jelly: Musick to Insult Your Intellegence By

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Artist: Green Jelly

Artist: Green Jelly
Title: Musick to Insult Your Intellegence By

Throughout the 80's, Green Jelly performed throughout NY, opening for bands like the Ramones and New York Dolls. After performing over 125 shows in 2008, all of them rife with the comedic and animated goodness that made Green Jelly a household name, the band is now preparing another US tour starting in the fall of 2009 to support their newest record MUSICK TO INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE BY.

1.1 Sugar ; Spice
1.2 Gefilte Fish
1.3 Rooster Jowls
1.4 Albert Fish Liverwurst
1.5 Stabby the Clown
1.6 Geek Girl
1.7 I Will Not
1.8 You're Gone
1.9 Nothing to Say
1.10 Magic Ed
1.11 Trick or Treat
1.12 The Ballad of Swing Low Scroty

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