Grenouer: Presence with War

Grenouer: Presence with War
Title: Presence with War
Label: Casket Music UK

2009 reissue of the fourth album from this Russian Metal band, available for the first time outside their home country. Formed in 1992, in the heart of the Western Ural Mountain Range of Russia, life for Grenouer began as a Brutal Death Metal outfit. Following the usual array of demos, the band were hauled into Moscow to record their debut Border of Misty Times for the Metal Agen Records Label, selling over 5,000 copies. Three full lengths followed and proved equally successful releases, having evolved from the Death Metal formula to a redefined and hard to categorize original take on the genre. 10 tracks.

1.1 Mercenary Fields
1.2 Sex Optica
1.3 The Choice of Flesh
1.4 The Last Bullet Magic
1.5 Crash Crash Crash
1.6 Clonetwigs
1.7 Sheitan
1.8 Communist Skinhead
1.9 A Farewell to Arms
1.10 Clonetwigs [Recoiler Remix]

Grenouer: Presence with War

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