Grimbane: Let the Empires Fall

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Grimbane

Artist: Grimbane
Title: Let the Empires Fall

Featuring an ex-member of the legendary Blaspehmy, the debut album of Grimbane comes highly anticipated. Surprisingly, instead of bestial black/death, the Canadian band's LET THE EMPIRES FALL get to the cold, dark and dirty heart of ancient Norwegian/Finnish black metal with dynamic anthems of immediate might. You will be possessed by this record, in both word and deed!

1.1 Crush the Set of Beliefs
1.2 Tyrannize Intro
1.3 Tyrannize Christians
1.4 Obscurity Reigns
1.5 Unscrupulous Religion Intro
1.6 Unscrupulous Religion
1.7 Instinct for Iniquity Intro
1.8 Instinct for Iniquity
1.9 Cauldron of Burning Iron
1.10 God Cremated
1.11 Let the Empires Fall Intro
1.12 Let the Empires Fall
1.13 Overlord of Chaos and Evil
1.14 Theomicrians Descend on Angels
1.15 Before the First Day

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