Gun Club Cemetery

Gun Club Cemetery: Gun Club Cemetery

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Gun Club Cemetery
Title: Gun Club Cemetery

Gun Club Cemetery love good old-fashioned, down and dirty guitar music but like the bands who have inspired them - the Faces and the Stones - they can also turn a hand to a sensitive, heart-rending piano ballad.

1.1 The Hollow Face of a Shallow Man
1.2 Sunset Shadows
1.3 Take Me Down Again
1.4 It's in Your Smile
1.5 We Can't Always Be the Ones
1.6 Get It Down
1.7 All I Want from You
1.8 Before Sunrise
1.9 No Regrets
1.10 Dead Inside
1.11 When You Need a Helping Hand
1.12 Needle Aside

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