Gunter Baby Sommer: Karawane

Gunter Baby Sommer: Karawane
Title: Karawane
Label: Intakt Records

Gu¨nter Baby Sommer is at the height of his musical career. The Dresden jazz innovator, who together with the pioneering generation of jazz has unbounded drumming and developed his own sound, presents a refreshing album with a cross-generational quartet with the Lucaciu brothers. "The other three members of the quartet are two generations younger. Gu¨nter Baby Sommer's music and presence belong to the inventory of traditions they feel inspired by and to which they have therefore orientated themselves. Jazz for them is a historical project which they approach with much warmth. Thus between these four musicians there is an electricity feeding on their similarities and differences - not only in age - and not diffused by any concessions", writes Hans-Ju¨rgen Linke in the liner notes.

1.1 Dunkle Wolken
1.2 Unter Jeden Dach Ein Ach
1.3 Zeitwandlerin
1.4 Dialogue
1.5 Impressions of a Little Bird
1.6 MKK 1O3 Breviarium
1.7 Karawane
1.8 Aether
1.9 Zustaende
1.10 Pan
1.11 Samba Pastouron
1.12 Hymnus

Gunter Baby Sommer: Karawane

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