Gurf Morlix

Gurf Morlix: The Soul & The Heal

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Artist: Gurf Morlix

Artist: Gurf Morlix
Title: The Soul & The Heal

Gurf Morlix' ninth album, 'The Soul & The Heal' yields the expected Morlix darkness and humor, but woven between are numbers imbued with a warm light. The call to positive action on "Move Someone," the mindfulness of "Right Now" and the sensitive finale "The Best We Can" balance this focused collection, an album that manages to run the gamut of emotions without being cloying or obvious.

1.1 Deeper Down
1.2 Love Remains Unbroken
1.3 Bad Things
1.4 Cold Here Too
1.5 Right Now
1.6 Move Someone
1.7 I'm Bruised, I'm Bleedin'
1.8 Quicksilver Kiss
1.9 My Chainsaw
1.10 The Best We Can

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