Gustav Leonhardt

Gustav Leonhardt: Art of Fugue

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Title: Art of Fugue
Label: Vanguard Classics

This is the 1953 Tour de Force recording of Bach's masterpiece featuring Gustav Leonhardt on harpsichord.

1.1 Simple Fugue (Gr.I, D.I)
1.2 Simple Fugue - Theme Inverted (GR. III, D. II)
1.3 Simple Fugue (GR. II, D. III)
1.4 Simple Fugue - Theme Inverted (GR. Iv, D. Iv)
1.5 Fugue in Contrary Motion (GR. V, D. Ix)
1.6 Double Fugue in the 12th (GR. Ix, D. Vi)
1.7 Double Fugue in the 12th (GR. X, D. Vii)
1.8 Fugue in Contrary Motion, with Diminution (GR. Vi, D. X)
1.9 Canon in the 10th (GR. Xiv, D. Viii)
1.10 Fugue in Contrary Motion, with Double Augmentation (GR. Vii, D. Xi)
1.11 Canon in the 12th (GR. Xiii, D. V)
2.1 Canon in the Octave (GR. Xii, D. Xii)
2.2 Triple Fugue - Three Voice (GR. Viii, D. Xiii)
2.3 Triple Fugue - Four Voice (GR. Xi, D. Xiv)
2.4 Canon in Contrary Motion, By Augmentation (GR. XV, D. XV)
2.5 Mirror Fugue (Gr. Xviiia. , D. Xvi)
2.6 Mirror Fugue - Inverse of 5. (Gr. Xviiiba. , D. Xvii)
2.7 Mirror Fugue (Gr. XVI a. , D. Xviii)
2.8 Mirror Fugue - Inverse of 7. (GR. Xvib., D. Xix)
2.9 Unfinished Fugue, on Bach (GR. Xix, D. XX)

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