Guttermouth: Eat Your Face

Guttermouth: Eat Your Face
Artist: Guttermouth
Title: Eat Your Face

Guttermouth is taking it back to the basics with their third release, 'Eat Your Face'. Reverting back to the classic Guttermouth sound that the true fan's love! "Cover your crotch, hide your children and get ready to roll over and play dead," laughs Guttermouth pack leader Mark Adkins announcing his band's new album. "We're back and about as obedient as a rabid dingo."

1.1 Party of Two (Your Table Is Ready)
1.2 Surfs Up A*Hole
1.3 Octopus Hairpiece
1.4 Wasted Lives
1.5 The Next Faux Mohican
1.6 Season
1.7 Second Dui
1.8 My Neighbor's Baby
1.9 Guadalahabra (The la Habra Spirit)
1.10 Nraa
1.11 I Read It on the Bathroom Wall in Reno
1.12 Ticket to Quebec
1.13 Hot Dog to the Head (A Hot Dog Is a Food Not a P*N*S So Get It Right or Pay the Price)

Guttermouth: Eat Your Face

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