Guy Lombardo

Guy Lombardo: Into the Fifties

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Artist: Guy Lombardo

Artist: Guy Lombardo
Title: Into the Fifties

With a career spanning half a century Guy Lombardo sold more records than any other of the sweet bands in America. Concentrating mainly on the latter part of his career this 2 CD set takes you into the Fifties in the most tuneful way. Featuring the vocal talents of Bing Crosby on "Young at Heart" and "Oh Baby Mine I Get So Lonely"

1.1 Because of You
1.2 Young at Heart
1.3 Gypsy
1.4 Harbor Lights
1.5 Red Roses for a Blue Lady
1.6 Dearie
1.7 All My Love
1.8 Oh Baby Mine I Get So Lonely
1.9 I Wonder I Wonder I Wonder
1.10 Always
1.11 Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
1.12 Tennessee Waltz
1.13 Blue Tango
1.14 Sing to Me Guitar
1.15 Come with Me My Honey
1.16 Honest and Truly
1.17 Vie en Rose
1.18 Coconut Song
1.19 When the Saints Go Marching in
1.20 Let's Have a Tiddley at the Milk Bar
1.21 Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
1.22 Hey Mister Banjo
1.23 Marty
1.24 Our Melody
1.25 You Couldn't Help But Be Wonderful
1.26 Let's Have a Party
1.27 Little Train That Could
1.28 Let's Do It Again
1.29 Nola
1.30 Out O' Breath
1.31 Undecided
1.32 Lie-De-Lie Song
1.33 Green Sleeves
1.34 Snowflakes
1.35 Noodlin' Rag
1.36 Bundle of Southern Sunshine
1.37 I Went to Your Wedding
1.38 Somewhere Along the Way
1.39 Seven Lonely Days
1.40 Downhearted
1.41 I'm in Love
1.42 Blue Willows
1.43 Just Another Polka
1.44 Spinning a Web
1.45 Half a Photograph
1.46 Don't You Care
1.47 Blue Dancing Shoes
1.48 There's Always Someone You Can't Forget
1.49 Hernando's Hideaway
1.50 Vas Villst Du Haben?

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