Gyuto Monks of Tibet

Gyuto Monks of Tibet: Tibetan Mantras

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Artist: Gyuto Monks of Tibet
Title: Tibetan Mantras

TIBETAN MANTRAS FOR TURBLENT TIMES features Deva Premal & the Gyuto Monks of Tibet in a powerful, deeply moving mantra meditation album, offering eight Tibetan mantras chanted 108 times each. Includes lyrics, translations and notes from Deva and from the Gyuto Monks on how to best use these mantras for a personal meditation practice. Deva and the Gyuto Monks are joined by Grammy winning cellist David Darling, Kit Walker on keyboards and Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, enhancing the deep silence that the mantras carry and creating a potent sound healing journey.

1.1 Invocation
1.2 Compassion
1.3 Purification
1.4 Buddha
1.5 White Tara
1.6 Perfection
1.7 Wisdom
1.8 Healing
1.9 Prosperity
1.10 Dedication

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