Franz Halasz: Guitar Music

H.W. Henze: Guitar Music
Title: Guitar Music
Label: Naxos

One of Europe's foremost living composers, Hans Werner Henze has written an extraordinarily prolific quantity of music in every genre. This disc of his guitar music spans almost thirty years of his career and ranges from Royal Winter Music, a virtuosic sonata which extends the boundaries of guitar technique, to the folk music-like Neu Volkslieder und Hirtengesange, inspired by Austrian peasant songs.

1.1 Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Marcia, Non Troppo Funebre/Sempre Incalzando)
1.2 Bottom's Dream (Adagietto, Con Comodo/Adagio)
1.3 Mad Lady MacBeth (Fiercely/Meno Mosso/Piu Mosso/Tempo 1/Allegretto/Andante Con Moto/Gavotta/Molto Irrequieto/Gavotta/Largo/Con Pathos/With Noisy Vulgarity)
1.4 I. in Lieblicher Blaue
1.5 II. Mocht Ich Ein Komet Sein?
1.6 III. Wenn Einer in Den Spiegel Siehet
1.7 I. Tranquillamente
1.8 II. Allegro Rubato
1.9 III. Lento
1.10 Andante Cantabile
1.11 Pastorale
1.12 Morgenlied
1.13 Ballade
1.14 Tanz
1.15 Rezitativ
1.16 Abenlied
1.17 Ausklang

Franz Halasz: Guitar Music

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