Hadaway, Henry Orchestra & Chorus

Hadaway, Henry Orchestra & Chorus: Turned on Christmas

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Title: Turned on Christmas
Label: Good Time

"Turned on Christmas" is a collection of soulful choral Christmas song medleys, produced in a late-70s disco style. It was first released in 1982, produced by Ethel Gabriel and arrangements by Henry Hadaway, recorded at the British Satril Studios. This album covers a huge assortment of both traditional hymns and more popular twinkly christmas hits, blended together in a hotchpotch of holiday disco joy. TRACKLISTING: 1. Turned On Winter (Medley) 2. Turned On Carols (Medley) 3. Turned On Reindeer (Medley) 4. Turned On Toys (Medley) 5. Turned On Tinsel (Medley) 6. Turned On Christmas (Medley) 7. Turned On Tradition (Medley) 8. Turned On Cheer (Medley).

1.1 Turned on Winter (Medley)
1.2 Turned on Carols (Medley)
1.3 Turned on Reindeer (Medley)
1.4 Turned on Toys (Medley)
1.5 Turned on Tinsel (Medley)
1.6 Turned on Christmas (Medley)
1.7 Turned on Tradition (Medley)
1.8 Turned on Cheer (Medley)

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