Hailu Mergia & the Walias

Hailu Mergia & the Walias: Tche Belew

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Hailu Mergia & the Walias
Title: Tche Belew
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 vinyl LPpressing reissue. The acclaimed and highly sought-after LP by Hailu Mergia and the Walias, Tche Belew, an album of instrumentals released in 1977, is perhaps the most seminal recording released in the aftermath of the 1974 revolution. The story of the Walias band is a critical chapter in Ethiopian popular music, taking place during a period of music industry flux and political complexity in the country. Hailu Mergia, a keyboardist and arranger diligently working the nightclub scene in Addis Ababa, formed the Walias in the early 1970's with a core group of musicians assembled from prior working bands.

1.1 Tche Belew
1.2 Yemiasleks Fikir
1.3 Yikirta Lemminalehu
1.4 Musicawi Silt
1.5 Lomi Tera-Tera
1.6 Woghenei
1.7 Ibakish Tarekigne
1.8 Birtukane
1.9 Eti Gual Blenai
1.10 Yenuro Tesfa Alegne

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