Hall, Rene

Hall, Rene: My Kind Of Rocking: Unsung Rock N Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger1950-1960 - Original Recordings Remastered

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hall, Rene

Title: My Kind Of Rocking: Unsung Rock N Roll / R&B Guitarist & Arranger1950-1960 - Original Recordings Remastered
Label: Jasmine Records

Rene Hall is quite possibly the most underrated musician in America's pop and blues history. As a guitarist he is certainly amongst the very best and is as equally important as an arranger and conductor on myriad classic pop, rock and R&B recordings to come out of Los Angeles. Jasmine have chosen to feature as many of Rene's recordings released under his own name as possible at the expense of his contributions to scores of hit records that are easily available today on digital services, CD and vinyl. Covering just one decade of his career in the studio from 1950 - 1960 these 29 excellent recordings run the gamut of Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll. Hopefully this compilation may in some small way redress the balance bringing this man's remarkable career back into the perspective it so truly deserves.

1.1 Blue Creek Hop – René Hall And His All Stars
1.2 Chitling Switch – René Hall And His All Stars
1.3 Blowing Awhile – The René Hall Sextet
1.4 René’s Boogie – The René Hall Sextet
1.5 Downbeat – René Hall All Stars
1.6 Jubilee Jump – René Hall And His All Stars
1.7 Be Sure – Madeline Greene / Magichords W/René Hall’ S Band
1.8 I’ve Got A Right To Be Blue – Madeline Greene / Magichords W/René Hall’s Band
1.9 If I Didn’t Love You Like I Do – Magichords W/René Hall’s Orchestra
1.10 The Parrot And The Rooster – Magichords W/René Hall’s Orchestra
1.11 My Kind Of Rocking – René Hall Trio
1.12 Do It Up Right – René Hall
1.13 Don’t Take Me For A Fool – René Hall Orchestra
1.14 Two Guitar Boogie – René Hall Orchestra
1.15 Voodoo Moon – René Hall Orchestra
1.16 Twitchy – René Hall’s Orchestra Featuring Willie Joe
1.17 Flippin’ – René Hall’s Orchestra
1.18 Thunderbird – René Hall Orchestra
1.19 Cleo – René Hall ; His Band
1.20 Southgate – René Hall
1.21 That’s It – Babette Bain
1.22 In The Mood – Ernie Fields Orchestra
1.23 Bitter Winds – Christy Sextet
1.24 Workin’ Out – Ernie Fields ; Orchestra
1.25 My Uncle – René Hall Orchestra
1.26 O Sole Mio Rock – René Hall Orchestra
1.27 La Cubalibra – René Hall Orchestra
1.28 The Untouchables – René Hall Orchestra
1.29 Night Fright – René Hall Orchestra

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