Hammerfall: Live! Against the World

Hammerfall: Live! Against the World
Title: Live! Against the World
Label: Napalm

The Swedish saviours of Heavy Metal are back: the undisputed masters of ground-breaking anthems and unforgettable live shows, Hammerfall, will release their new live epos "Live! Against The World" on October 23, 2020. With an absolutely impressive, grand live production, huge arenas and overwhelming pyro shows, Hammerfall took over the world in 2019/2020 with their World Dominion tour.

1.1 Never Forgive, Never Forget (Live)
1.2 One Against the World (Live)
1.3 Heeding the Call (Live)
1.4 The Way of the Warrior (Live)
1.5 Any Means Necessary (Live)
1.6 Hallowed Be My Name (Live)
1.7 Blood Bound (Live)
1.8 Redemption (Live)
1.9 Hector's Hymn (Live)
1.10 Natural High (Live)
2.1 Second to One (feat. Noora Louhimo) [Live]
2.2 Renegade Medley (Live)
2.3 Keep the Flame Burning (Live)
2.4 Dominion (Live)
2.5 The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Live)
2.6 Last Man Standing (Live)
2.7 Let the Hammer Fall (Live)
2.8 Hammer High (Live)
2.9 (We Make) Sweden Rock [Live]
2.10 Hearts on Fire (Live)
3.1 Never Forgive, Never Forget (Live)
3.2 One Against the World (Live)
3.3 Heeding the Call (Live)
3.4 The Way of the Warrior (Live)
3.5 Any Means Necessary (Live)
3.6 Hallowed Be My Name (Live)
3.7 Blood Bound (Live)
3.8 Redemption (Live)
3.9 Hector's Hymn (Live)
3.10 Natural High (Live)
3.11 Second to One (feat. Noora Louhimo) [Live]
3.12 Renegade Medley (Live)
3.13 Keep the Flame Burning (Live)
3.14 Dominion (Live)
3.15 The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Live)
3.16 Last Man Standing (Live)
3.17 Let the Hammer Fall (Live)
3.18 Hammer High (Live)
3.19 (We Make) Sweden Rock [Live]
3.20 Hearts on Fire (Live)

Hammerfall: Live! Against the World

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