Handel / Choeur De Chambre De Namur

Handel / Choeur De Chambre De Namur: Samson

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Artist: Handel / Choeur De Chambre De Namur
Title: Samson

Samson is not merely an effective narrative, but also a drama of great psychological depth. Over it's three acts, we witness the slow but inexorable mental resurrection of a man chosen by God who, overcome by remorse, gradually rebuilds his character. Awareness of his error sustains him and helps him to conceive a decisive reversal of his situation. Though held in chains and forever deprived of his sight, Samson nevertheless gradually becomes convinced that his strength is intact. In order to set Israel free, he will succeed in regaining God's mercy and destroying his captors' people at a single blow. This recording was made live during the Namur Music Festival in July 2018.

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