Handel / Concerto Stella Matutina /Lack

Handel / Concerto Stella Matutina /Lack: George Frideric Handel: Alexander's Feast

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Artist: Handel / Concerto Stella Matutina /Lack
Title: George Frideric Handel: Alexander's Feast

1.1 Overtüre
1.2 't Was at the Royal Feast
1.3 Happy, Happy, Happy Pair!
1.4 Timotheus, Plac'd on High
1.5 The Song Began from Jove
1.6 The List'ning Crowd
1.7 With Ravish'd Ears
1.8 The Praise of Bacchus
1.9 Bacchus, Ever Fair and Young
1.10 Sooth'd with the Sound
1.11 He Chose a Mournful Muse
1.12 He Sung Darius, Great and Good
1.13 With Downcast Looks
1.14 Behold Darius Great and Good
1.15 The Mighty Master Smil'd to See
1.16 Softly Sweet in Lydian Measures
1.17 War, He Sung, Is Toil and Trouble
1.18 The Many Rend the Skies
1.19 The Prince, Unable to Conceal His Pain
1.20 The Many Rend the Skies
2.1 Now Strike the Golden Lyre - Break His Bands of Sleep Asunder
2.2 Revenge, Timotheus Cries
2.3 Give the Vengeance Due
2.4 The Princes Applaud with a Furious Joy
2.5 Thaïs Led the Way - the Princes Applaud with Furious Joy
2.6 Thus, Long Ago - at Last Divine Cecilia Came
2.7 Let Old Timotheus Yield
2.8 Let Old Timotheus Yield the Prize

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