Hanin Elias

Hanin Elias: Fatal Box

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Artist: Hanin Elias

Artist: Hanin Elias
Title: Fatal Box

Hanin Elias, legendary singer and front woman of Atari Teenage Riot, is back with a beautiful silver Boxset "Fatal Box" that includes her last 2 Releases "No Games, No Fun" and "Future Noir" & a Bonus CD with Remixes, Cover versions and new Tracks! The CDs features Collaborations with several Artists from all over the world: J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr..), Thurston Moore (Sonic Touth), Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten) Merzbow, Alec Empire, Khan, Diego Sagredo, Marcel Degaz, TweakerRay, Marc Chiffre and more. The box contains 3 CD, 2 Postcards, sticker, and cameo pin.

1.1 Cat People
1.2 One of Us
1.3 Falling
1.4 Spirits in the Sky
1.5 Wanting a Machine
1.6 You Suck
1.7 Drop Out
1.8 Rockets Against Stones
1.9 Blue
1.10 The Bee
1.11 Tonight
1.12 No Games No Fun
1.13 Falling Deep
2.1 Future Noir [Cover Version] [Version]
2.2 She Died for Love [Remix of T21]
2.3 Far Away
2.4 Slide
2.5 Dead Eyes
2.6 Go Tiger
2.7 Fitter Than You
2.8 City Lights [Bahntier Remix]
2.9 Burn [Sandblasting Remix]
2.10 Fight Together [Din (A) Tod Remix]
3.1 Untouchable
3.2 After All (Drums)
3.3 Future Noir
3.4 City Lights
3.5 Burn
3.6 Iced Icon
3.7 Fight Together
3.8 Eaten Alive
3.9 War (Extreme V4)
3.10 The Rats
3.11 In My Room
3.12 After All
3.13 Untouchable [Unplugged]
3.14 No Games No Fun [Videofile] [Multimedia Track]

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