Hard-Fi: Once Upon a Time in the West

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hard-Fi

Artist: Hard-Fi
Title: Once Upon a Time in the West

Hard-Fi are approaching a dramatic new apex in their career. Critically acclaimed, commercially successful and tower block tall, the West London four-piece continue to reinvigorate music with raw sounds and instant, merciless beats. Neither bound by musical restriction or industry expectation, they follow their blazing, genre-defining Number 1 U.K. debut 'Stars of CCTV' with the eagerly anticipated 'Once Upon a Time in the West.' the album sees the British band returning with a fully loaded arsenal of category-defying pop grenades, melding genre-hopping beats, Motown hooks, and rock 'n' roll swagger into it's own indefinable, undeniable sound. In short, Hard-Fi are the sound of now.

1.1 Suburban Knights
1.2 I Shall Overcome
1.3 Tonight
1.4 Watch Me Fall Apart
1.5 I Close My Eyes
1.6 Television
1.7 Help Me Please
1.8 Can't Get Along (Without You)
1.9 We Need Love
1.10 Little Angel
1.11 The King

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