Harley's War

Harley's War: 2012

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Harley's War

Title: 2012
Label: Cro-Mags

Harley Flanagan is the true Godfather of New York Hardcore. Flanagan and New York are inseparable. This CD collects five brand new songs that are some of the best writing Harley has done in ages, as well as 18 live tracks.

1.1 Life Is a Struggle
1.2 Extinction
1.3 Comfort the Children
1.4 What Is the Purpose of Your Life? Eat Sleep Mate Defend? Birth Old Age
1.5 The End Is Drawing Near
1.6 World Peace
1.7 It's the Limit
1.8 These Streets
1.9 My Life
1.10 Street Justice
1.11 Survival of the Streets
1.12 Days of Confusion
1.13 No Sympathy
1.14 Premeditated
1.15 Jones
1.16 Survival of the Streets
1.17 Hard Times
1.18 Life of My Own

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