Harper Lee: Go Back to Bed

Harper Lee: Go Back to Bed
Title: Go Back to Bed
Label: Matinee

Welcome repressing of the magnificent debut album from Matinée favorites Harper Lee. Originally released in 2001, the album was an early highlight of the Matinée catalog and received a bit of attention from the late John Peel who played singles 'Dry Land' and 'Bug' on his legendary radio show. An English duo featuring Keris Howard (Brighter, Hal, Trembling Blue Stars) on vocals and guitar, and Laura Bridge (Hood, Kicker) on guitar, keyboards, and drums, Harper Lee has proven to be one of Matinée's most popular artists. Named after the famous American author of the classic novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird', the duo formed in 1999 with a plan to release one brilliant single, take the world by storm, and withdraw from the public eye just as Lee did following the success of her single novel. Luckily, the modest success of it's debut did not afford the band an early retirement so they continued creating classic releases through the brilliant 'He Holds a Flame' EP last year. The band has earned passionate reviews of it's four singles and three albums Go Back to Bed (2001), Everything's Going to Be OK (2002), and All Things Can Be Mended (2004). Featuring ten classic tracks of melancholy pop with beautifully layered keyboards and guitars plus heartbreakingly earnest lyrics, Go Back to Bed is an essential release from the Matinée catalog in stock again following years of unavailability.

1.1 Seem So Right
1.2 Doing Nothing
1.3 Dry Land
1.4 Only Connect
1.5 Deep Dark Ocean
1.6 Brooklyn Bridge
1.7 Bug
1.8 Clifton Street Passage
1.9 Your Life
1.10 Low

Harper Lee: Go Back to Bed

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