Harpers Bizarre: Complete Singles Collection 1965-70

Harpers Bizarre: Complete Singles Collection 1965-70
Title: Complete Singles Collection 1965-70
Label: Now Sounds

2016 collection. Except for their California brethren The Association, no other band of the '60s better represents the soft pop genre than Harpers Bizarre. Their seamless combination of baroque arrangements and gossamer vocals had few equals then or now, and nowhere is their achievement better illustrated than on the run of singles they recorded for Warner Bros. Records in the late 1960s The four Lenny Waronker-produced albums they made in those years add dimension to the group's story and emphasize their range, but the essence of Harpers Bizarre can be found on the 45s, which are all collected here for the first time. What you'll hear here is the remarkable refashioning of a four-piece guitar band enamored with the sounds of the British Invasion into a silky-smooth vocal group supported by the cream of Los Angeles' studio musician crop. The end result is a sound filled with so much sunshine that you might need to wear sunblock while you listen. This 26-track deluxe edition includes many original mono single mixes, many of which have been out of circulation since their original release. Also included are all the pre-Harpers Bizarre singles, when the band recorded as The Tikis. The deluxe, full-color booklet also includes rare photos and extensive and insightful liner notes by Joe McGasko, the host of WFMU's "Surface Noise." Mastered by Alan Brownstein from the original master tapes!

1.1 If I've Been Dreaming (As the Tikis)
1.2 Pay Attention to Me (As the Tikis)
1.3 Bye, Bye, Bye (As the Other Tikis)
1.4 Lost My Love Today (As the Other Tikis)
1.5 Bye, Bye, Bye (WB Version) (As the Tikis)
1.6 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
1.7 Come to the Sunshine
1.8 The Debutante's Ball
1.9 Anything Goes
1.10 Malibu U
1.11 Chattanooga Choo Choo
1.12 Hey, You in the Crowd
1.13 Cotton Candy Sandman
1.14 Virginia City
1.15 Both Sides Now
1.16 Small Talk
1.17 Battle of New Orleans
1.18 Green Apple Tree
1.19 I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
1.20 Look to the Rainbow
1.21 Knock on Wood
1.22 Witchi Tai to
1.23 Poly High
1.24 Soft Soundin' Music
1.25 If We Ever Needed the Lord Before
1.26 Mad

Harpers Bizarre: Complete Singles Collection 1965-70

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