Harry Belafonte: Versatile Mr. Belafonte

Harry Belafonte: Versatile Mr. Belafonte
Title: Versatile Mr. Belafonte
Label: Sepia Recordings

Harry Belafonte ?- The Versatile Mr. Belafonte originally released - May 1957. Arranged By [Orchestra] - Will Lorin, Conductor - Will Lorin, Directed By [Orchestra And Chorus] - Hugo Winterhalter, Featuring [Guitar] - Frantz Casseus, Millard Thomas Victor Messer

1.1 Mama Looka Boo B
1.2 Don't Ever Love Me
1.3 Chimney Smoke
1.4 Venezuela
1.5 A-Roving
1.6 Hold 'Em Joe
1.7 Springfield Mountain
1.8 I'm Just a Country Boy
1.9 The Blues Is Man
1.10 Did You Hear About Jerry'
1.11 The Marching Saints
1.12 Little Bernadette
1.13 The Waiting Game
1.14 Ain't That Love
1.15 Gotta Travel on
1.16 Tarrytown
1.17 Darlin' Cora
1.18 Round the Bay of Mexico
1.19 Done Laid Around
1.20 Bam Bam Bamba (La Bamba)
1.21 Two Brothers
1.22 Goin' Down Jordan
1.23 Kingston Market

Harry Belafonte: Versatile Mr. Belafonte

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