Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson: Without You: Best of Harry

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Artist: Harry Nilsson

Artist: Harry Nilsson
Title: Without You: Best of Harry

2009 two CD collection from the American singer/songwriter. Harry Nilsson was one of the most creative and unique songwriters to emerge in the middle to late '60s. He even earned praise from the Beatles based on his first two solo albums. Ironically, although he was a songwriter of great imagination and depth, his two biggest hits were cover versions: 'Everybody's Talkin' (written by Fred Neil) and 'Without You' (written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger). Features tracks from his decade long recording career on RCA including the aforementioned hits plus 'One' (covered by Three Dog Night), 'Cuddly Toy' (covered by the Monkees), 'Coconut', 'Me And My Arrow' and many others. 36 tracks. Camden.

1.1 Everybody' S Talkin'
1.2 Without You
1.3 One
1.4 Me and My Arrow
1.5 Cowboy
1.6 Cuddly Toy
1.7 1941
1.8 Coconut
1.9 The Puppy Song
1.10 City Life
1.11 I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City
1.12 Vine Street
1.13 The Moonbeam Song
1.14 Mourin' Glory Story
1.15 Living Without You
1.16 Joy
1.17 Think About Your Troubles
1.18 Mr. Richland' S Favorite Song
1.19 All I Think About Is You
1.20 Without Her
1.21 Remember (Christmas)
1.22 Turn on Your Radio
1.23 Don' T Leave Me
1.24 Sail Away
1.25 The Lottery Song
1.26 Jump Into the Fire
1.27 It Had to Be You
1.28 Makin' Whoopee
1.29 Many Rivers to Cross
1.30 Kojak Columbo
1.31 Sometinhg True
1.32 Spaceman
1.33 Blanket for a Sail
1.34 Perfect Day
1.35 Waiting
1.36 As Time Goes By

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