Hassler: Fed Worked & Watered

$16.32 $18.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Hassler

Title: Fed Worked & Watered
Label: Deranged
Product Type: VINYL LP

Hardcore punk band from Toronto, Canada founded in 2012. Featuring a very long ex-members list from bands you may know from the past-blah blah, won't bore you with that. After releasing a 7" EP on Schizophrenic records and a follow up on Beach Impediment records, the band's sound is fully realized on this new LP for Deranged/Cut The Cord. A furious mash up of hardcore punk sounds from the past with no concern for current trends. Vocalist JAY CHISAMORE delivers the goods through 16 storming tracks. No 10-minute nowadays style HC "mini LP" here, but a full length LP of unrelenting and enraged HC done for real.

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