Hayden: Elk-Lake Serenade

Hayden: Elk-Lake Serenade
Title: Elk-Lake Serenade
Label: Badman Records

Hayden is a Toronto musician who's been releasing records for ten years. His international debut 'Everything I Long For' (Geffen) was released in 1996 after initial attention in Canada following two cassettes and several 7-inch singles. The album's home recorded songs appealed to critics and fans alike, making many year- end top ten lists. Following tours of the U.S, Europe and Japan, Hayden released 'The Closer I Get' (Geffen) in 1998... a more band oriented affair and a sonic and lyrical progression. Following over a year of touring and promotion, Hayden closed the book on chapter one of his music career. It wasn't until 2001 that he returned with the wonderful 'Skyscraper National Park' (Badman). Recorded at his home studio, it is filled with a warmth and beauty that was felt by music lovers everywhere. Here's a sample of some of the international praise the album received: THE ONION/NEW YORK 'Hayden draws from the traditions of eccentric folk-rock, but his ragged, harrowing concoction of acoustic gentility and electric anarchy stands as a genre all it's own.' MOJO - GOLD SEAL OF APPROVAL ('a release of exceptional quality') 'The album's unequivocal genius slaps you upside the head. Everything about this record - musicianship, song craft, lyrics - is superior.' During the final stages of touring 'Skyscraper...', Hayden recorded an intimate hometown performance, which was released as a double record in 2002. 'Live at Convocation Hall' (Badman) reveals Hayden at his purest, with just a voice, guitar and harmonica: ALTERNATIVE PRESS 'A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, Hayden crafts each song like a musical photograph, scenic, colorful and keenly observant'. Hayden has just put the finishing touches on his latest recordings. He will introduce the self-produced 'Elk Lake Serenade' via a two-month tour of the U.S. with the incredible Sarah Harmer (Rounder), starting in Detroit April 13th. 'Elk - Lake Serenade' continues where 'Skyscraper National Park' left off. Sparse finger picked ballads (Killbear, 1939) mix with full band rock songs (Hollywood Ending -the album's initial video and My Wife) to create a very full and rewarding listening experience. Pianos, pedal steel, and strings accent Hayden's guitar and piano playing, while his stories of life and loss shine through.

1.1 Wide Eyes
1.2 Home By Saturday
1.3 Woody
1.4 This Summer
1.5 Hollywood Ending
1.6 Robbed Blind
1.7 Killbear
1.8 Through the Rads
1.9 Starting Over
1.10 Don't Get Down
1.11 Roll Down That Wave
1.12 My Wife
1.13 1939
1.14 Elk-Lake Serenade
1.15 Looking Back at Me

Hayden: Elk-Lake Serenade

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