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Haydn / Kermes / Wdr Funkhausorchester Koln: Haydn: Opera Gala

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Title: Haydn: Opera Gala
Label: Capriccio

Haydn Opera Rarities with Top Stars! Although Joseph Haydn is still regarded above all as a master of instrumental music, he was also a contemporary of the future as an opera composer. For a not unsubstantial length of his life, he chiefly devoted himself to this genre; as the opera director of Prince Esterházy, he headed over a thousand opera productions in Esterháza including the 'hits' of the time as well as stage works of his own. It is unusual and a pointer to the future that women take control in both operas presented here. In addition, these female protagonists are people of flesh and blood, strong and pragmatic; the spirit of the Enlightenment can be sensed.

1.1 Act I: Overture
1.2 Act I, Scene 1: Introduction: Bella Sera
1.3 Act I, Scene 2: Aria: Che Imbroglio E Questo
1.4 Act I, Scene 3: Aria: Non V'e Rimedio
1.5 Act I, Scene 4: Aria: Come Piglia Si Bene
1.6 Act I, Scene 5: Duet: Son Disperato
1.7 Act I, Scene 6: Finale: O Piglia Questa
1.8 Act II, Scene 4: Aria: Tu Sporsati Alla Sandrina
1.9 Act II, Scene 5: Recitative: Trinche Vaine Allegramente
1.10 Act II, Scene 6: Aria: Oh Che Gusto!
1.11 Act II, Scene 8: Aria: E la Pompa
1.12 Act II, Scene 9: Finale: Nel Mille Settecento
2.1 Act I: Sinfonia
2.2 Act I: Introduzione: Che Burrasca! Che Tempesta!
2.3 Act I: Aria: So Che Una Bestia Sei
2.4 Act I: Non Sparate, Mi Disdico
2.5 Act I: Aria: Con Un Tenero Sospiro
2.6 Act I: Recitative and Aria: Mira Il Campo All'intorno - a Trionfar
2.7 Act I: Finale I: Bel Godere la Campagna
2.8 Act II: Duet: Massima Filosofica
2.9 Act II: Aria: Per Pieta Vezzosi Rai
2.10 Act II: Recitative and Aria: Misera Chi M'ajuta - Dove Fuggo
2.11 Act II: Gia la Morte in Mante Nero
2.12 Act II: Recitative and Aria: Ah, Non Minganno - or Che Torna Il Vago Aprile
2.13 Act II: Finale II: Animo Risoluto
2.14 Act II: Duet, Finale II: Ah, Dove la Mia Rosina

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