Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean: Always

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hazell Dean

Title: Always
Label: Cherry Pop

Double disc expanded version of the 1988 album. Includes 20 bonus tracks consisting of b-sides, unreleased mixes, and single versions. Digitally re-mastered direct from master tapes held at the PWL, Abbey Road and Capitol Records archives, this Deluxe Edition brings together the original nine-track album with no less than 20 bonus tracks across two CDs. Added to the album and available here are two sought-after 1986 singles: 'Stand Up', a Stock Aitken Waterman reworking of Umberto Tozzi's 'Hurrah', and 'E.S.P. (Extra Sensual Persuasion)', a cover of Millie Jackson's 1983 single. Bonus tracks also include rare B-sides, the 1987 U.S. 7" remix of the 1985 hit 'No Fool (For Love)', the original Dutch-only single version of 'Walk In My Shoes' and many mixes previously unreleased in the UK or only available on vinyl

1.1 They Say It's Gonna Rain 7" Version
1.2 Who's Leaving Who? 7" Version
1.3 Turn It Into Love
1.4 You're My Rainbow
1.5 Always Doesn't Mean Forever 7" Version
1.6 Maybe (We Should Call It a Day) 7" Version
1.7 Walk in My Shoes
1.8 Nothing in My Life
1.9 Danger
1.10 No Fool (For Love) the Murray 7" Mix
1.11 Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing-Duet with Darryl Pandy
1.12 Stand Up 7" Version
1.13 Can't Get You Out of My Mind
1.14 Love Ends, Love Parts
1.15 Walk in My Shoes -Original Version
1.16 E.S.P. (Extra Sensual Persuasion)7" Version
1.17 Who's Leaving Who-The Boys Are Back in Town Mix
1.18 Stand Up 12" Version-Extended Version
1.19 E.S.P. (Extra Sensual Persuasion)-Extended Dance Mix
1.20 Image in the Mirror
1.21 They Say It's Gonna Rain-Indian Summer Mix
1.22 Always Doesn't Mean Forever-My-Ami Mix
1.23 Turn It Into Love-The Danae Jacovidis Edit
1.24 Walk in My Shoes-Nightmare Mix
1.25 Who's Leaving Who?-Bob's Tambourine Mix
1.26 Maybe (We Should Call It a Day)-The Extra Beat Boys Remix
1.27 Turn It Into Love-House Mix
1.28 They Say It's Gonna Rain-The Zulu Mix
1.29 Turn It Into Love-Alternative 12" Mix

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