Heaven 17

Heaven 17: Another Big Idea 1996-2008 [Heavyweight Blue, White & TransparentGreen Colored Vinyl]

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Heaven 17

Title: Another Big Idea 1996-2008 [Heavyweight Blue, White & TransparentGreen Colored Vinyl]
Label: Demon Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited four colored vinyl LP box set contains three studio albums - Bigger Than America, Before After, and Naked As Advertised - as well as the concert album How Live Is. In 1988, after their fifth album for the Virgin label, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Glenn Gregory decided to rest Heaven 17. In 1996, after various British Electric Foundation and individual projects, the ensemble re-grouped to record the first album in this set, Bigger Than America. In 1998, Heaven 17 decided to play live for the first time, and a concert was recorded and released in 1999 as How Live Is. A new studio album, Before After, the last to feature Ian Craig Marsh, was released in 2005. In 2008, Naked As Advertised - Versions 08 featured new interpretations of Heaven 17 and Human League classics alongside a cover version of "Party Fears Two".

1.1 Dive
1.2 Designing Heaven
1.3 We Blame Love
1.4 Another Big Idea
1.5 Freak!
1.6 Bigger Than America
1.7 Unreal Everything
1.8 The Big Dipper
1.9 Do I Believe?
1.10 Resurrection Man
1.11 Maybe Forever
1.12 An Electronic Prayer
2.1 I'm Gonna Make You Fall in Love with Me
2.2 Hands Up to Heaven
2.3 The Way It Is
2.4 Freedom from Love
2.5 Don't Fear the Reaper
2.6 Into the Blue
2.7 Deeper and Deeper
2.8 What Would It Take
2.9 Someone for Real
2.10 Are You Ready?
3.1 Being Boiled
3.2 Geisha Boys and Temple Girls
3.3 Temptation [Featuring Billie Godfrey]
3.4 Penthouse and Pavement
3.5 Party Fears Two
3.6 Don't Fall
3.7 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
3.8 We Live So Fast
3.9 Empire State Human
4.1 Fascist Groove Thing
4.2 Crushed By the Wheels of Industry
4.3 Blame Love
4.4 Come Live with Me
4.5 Freak!
4.6 Let Me Go
4.7 Let's All Make a Bomb
4.8 Penthouse and Pavement
4.9 Designing Heaven
4.10 Temptation
4.11 Being Boiled

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