Heckle: Complicated Futility of Ignorance

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Artist: Heckle

Artist: Heckle
Title: Complicated Futility of Ignorance
Product Type: VINYL LP

After their popular East Coast tour, Melodic Hardcore pop punk band Heckler released their last studio album after going through many different line ups before officially dismembering in the late 90's.

1.1 Set Alpha Low
1.2 Missionary Position
1.3 Joke's on Me
1.4 Disposable
1.5 Along for the Ride
1.6 Dependence
1.7 So Much the Same
1.8 Ashes
1.9 Standard Issue
1.10 D-Day
1.11 C.O.I
1.12 Royal Imp
1.13 Infinite Loop
1.14 Misguided

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