Heidi Spencer: Under Streetlight Glow

Heidi Spencer: Under Streetlight Glow
Title: Under Streetlight Glow
Label: Bella Union

2011 release, the third album from the Wisconsin singer, songwriter and filmmaker. Heidi Spencer's dark, dreamy and deeply emotional music delivers a bracing sensory rush, like a splash of cold water in the face of a dreary hangover. The effect is even more impressive because Spencer's music is a subtle, layered collage of haunting Folk chord changes and lyrical imagery, a devastating drama played out in hushed voices and off-stage shadows. Bella Union.

1.1 Alibi
1.2 Under Streetlight Glow
1.3 Moth Met Spider
1.4 Hibernation
1.5 Go to France
1.6 Red Sky
1.7 While It's Shining
1.8 Carry Me Softly
1.9 Tried and True
1.10 Whiskey

Heidi Spencer: Under Streetlight Glow

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