Hellawell / Fidelio Trio / Ulster Orchestra

Hellawell / Fidelio Trio / Ulster Orchestra: Up By the Roots

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Artist: Hellawell / Fidelio Trio / Ulster Orchestra
Title: Up By the Roots

In a long and distinguished career, Piers Hellawell has produced a body of work characterized by boundless invention, genuine discovery and deep integrity. Here, with his second release on Delphian, his enduring creative partnerships - forged through nearly 40 years of composing - are reflected in music that combines arresting surface gestures and sounds with a powerful underlying vision, resulting in pieces that both encourage and reward repeated hearings. Piers Hellawell was born in England and studied at Oxford University, but was appointed when 24 to a composition post at The Queen's University of Belfast, where, since 2002, he has been Professor of Composition. His family home is in Northern Scotland; his sixty or so published works owe their genesis to that working environment. Working away from England through his career has encouraged Hellawell's detached attitude to centralized musical fashions; in his teaching and writing about music, as in composition, he advocates traditional training as a platform for individuality, and expresses an aversion to obvious solutions.

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