Hellsingland Underground

Hellsingland Underground: A Hundred Years Is Nothing

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Hellsingland Underground
Title: A Hundred Years Is Nothing
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Swedish sextet Hellsingland Underground is back with their fifth full length studio album called "A Hundred Years Is Nothing", due to release on August 30. On August 9, the first single "Carnival Beyond The Hills" is released together with a lyric video. The sound on this album is a big step forward for the band, both sound- and songwriting wise. You can still sense their early day folk and blues influences, but you'll also hear echoes of Pink Floyd, Queen and The Doors. Mini-moogs, mellotron and accoustic guitars has been added into a perfect mix of great personal lyrics, and some of the finest songwriting to ever come from a Swedish rock band. "A Hundred Years Is Nothing" is their strongest album to date, no doubt.

1.1 Carnival Beyond the Hills
1.2 Strangelands
1.3 Criminal Summer
1.4 The Blessing ; the Curse
1.5 Rainbow´S Gold
1.6 Elephant
1.7 A Hundred Years Is Nothing
1.8 I Win, You Lose, I Guess
1.9 Pig Farm
1.10 From Here to the Grave
1.11 Bloodlines

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