Henge: Henge

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Henge

Artist: Henge
Title: Henge
Product Type: VINYL LP

Henge, the London based four-piece, present their self-titled debut. Combining Butthole Surfers mayhem and Jesus Lizard precession, this is pure psychedelic noise rock. Their self-titled debut album comes across like a lost Amrep record, psychedelic in it's truest sense of altering perception and pushing the listener to the inner depths of the subconsciousness. It's acid fried, heavy and slow. Pulsating and throbbing; the guitar being a washing, white noise counterpoint to the pummeling rhythm section with the vocals pushing everything into the red. Imagine the rush of an acid trip combined with a collapsing sun. That's the intensity of Henge.

1.1 TD
1.2 Feast
1.3 Time Outside
1.4 Metal Petal
1.5 Wet Grave
1.6 King

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