Herbert Deutsch: From Moog to Mac

Herbert Deutsch: From Moog to Mac
Title: From Moog to Mac
Label: Ravello

While Moog is the regarded the inventor of the Moog synthesizer, Deutsch was an invaluable partner in developing the instrument for musical use. He composed the 1st piece of music for the synthesizer, suggested the keyboard interface, and relayed potential benefits and improvements. Deutsch established himself as a solid collaborator and a pioneer in his own right. From Moog to Mac is a collection of Deutsch's compositions for and performances on the Moog synthesizer spanning the last 30 years.

1.1 A Christmas Carol
1.2 The Abomination
1.3 Jazz Images, a Worksong and Blues
1.4 A Little Night Music, the Ithaca Journal Aug. 6, 1965
1.5 Prologue to King Richard III
1.6 Sleight of Hand (Mister Magic Man)
1.7 Abyss
1.8 Fantasy on "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"
1.9 Longing
1.10 Circling (You Did Not Know)
1.11 [Untitled CD-ROM Track]

Herbert Deutsch: From Moog to Mac

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