Heron Oblivion

Heron Oblivion: Heron Oblivion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Heron Oblivion

Artist: Heron Oblivion
Title: Heron Oblivion

Vinyl LP pressing in custom sleeve includes digital download. Pastoral pummel. Listening to Heron Oblivion's album feels like sitting in a lovely meadow in the shadow of a dam that's gonna heave-ho' any minute. Members of this new San Francisco combo have put in time in both raging and relatively tranquil psychedelic sound units - this is the premise and the synergy behind this very unique and special new album. Three shades of light run through Heron Oblivion: Baird's rich, beautiful vocal approach, the locked-horns bass and drums of her and Miller's streamlined-but-motorik rhythm section, and a twin guitar tapestry that both aligns with the dreaminess of the songs and crackles out of containment to froth over the rim, punctuating Opal/Fairport moves with dramatic, explosive fuzz solos. Meg's gorgeous singing resides within an untouchable domain and never struggles, nor has to combat the avalanche of guitars that ebb and flow.

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