Herve: Hallucinated Surf

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Artist: Herve

Artist: Herve
Title: Hallucinated Surf
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Bang the Drum
1.2 Tear the House Up (Feat. Zebra Katz)
1.3 I Know
1.4 Dance to My Beat (Feat. TT)
1.5 This Broken House (Feat. Youth)
1.6 My Love (Feat. Phizzals)
1.7 Dum Dum
1.8 Do You Really Wanna Rave? (Feat. Meridian Dan)
1.9 Biggest Baddest
1.10 Destiny
2.1 Hallucinated Surf
2.2 Just Because You're Gone It Doesn't Mean You Are Not
2.3 Lights ; Fears (Feat. Steve Mason)
2.4 Heart Rust
2.5 Your Dusk
2.6 This Could Be the End
2.7 Come Together (Feat. Kelly Lee Owens)
2.8 Goofy Foot
2.9 Last Lovers Left Alive (Feat. Rothchild)
2.10 The River Sparkles

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