Hex Bombs: Everything Earned

Hex Bombs: Everything Earned
Title: Everything Earned
Label: East Grand Record Co

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Kalamazoo-based Indie punks. 'This release encompasses so much more than your standard three chord Punk Rock. The subject matter ranges from the struggle of the workingman, the band's own life story, and so much more that you will have to discover on your own. The musicianship is unparalleled as it's simply diverse and it clearly combines the band's influences, ranging from Oi! To your stripped down Americana acoustic piece. EVERYTHING EARNED is a no-bullshit account on daily life and takes no prisoners whatsoever!' - Nick Gold, Run Don't Walk.

1.1 Everything Earned
1.2 None Shall Be Forgotten (F. Mike McColgan)
1.3 Death Squad
1.4 New Age
1.5 Killing Time (For War)
1.6 Our Scene
1.7 The Closing
1.8 The Worker's Life
1.9 Defiance
1.10 All Fall Down (Acoustic)

Hex Bombs: Everything Earned

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