Hicksville Band

Hicksville Band: Dakota Sunset

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Artist: Hicksville Band

Artist: Hicksville Band
Title: Dakota Sunset

This band are on a mission from God - to bring the glory of Country Music to the good people of the UK and beyond. So far we've contented ourselves with just showing you all the great music that is already out there, but now begins the next phase... The first few Hicksville originals are creeping into the set. Get ready folks - exciting times are just around the corner

1.1 Dakota Sunset
1.2 She Don't Know
1.3 Daddy Don't Cry
1.4 Last Picture Show
1.5 Genius in a Bottle
1.6 Song of Fall
1.7 Broken Town
1.8 Vision of Her
1.9 Man Out of Time
1.10 Comfort in the Glass
1.11 Wreck My Bed

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